Bisolvon® Cough Relief + Immune Support

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Sick young woman lying in the bed covered with blanket.

Help for the common cold

Please be aware that many surfaces in our environment (like doorknobs, supermarket trolleys etc.) can be contaminated with viruses from people sufferi...

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Woman coughing into elbow while sitting on lounge.

What is a chesty cough?

When having a cold, people will often suffer from a cough, which can either be chesty or dry. A chesty cough means you are expelling mucus or phlegm....

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A young man coughing at home

What causes a dry cough?

In the context of a cold, people will often suffer from an annoying cough which can be either a dry cough or a chesty cough. Dry cough is also known a...

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A wall of green ivy leaves

What is Ivy Leaf? How can it help my cough?

Ivy leaf is the leaf of the common ivy plant, also known as English ivy or Hedera helix. It used as a herbal medicine, and has been for hundreds of ye...

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